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The power of connecting across the globe
to make a world of difference.

The advantages
of a holistic approach

IEB Swiss AG is an experienced international partner network of highly qualified and influential individuals. With our industry and real estate specialists as well as financial experts and advisors, we serve the needs of our Swiss as well as global clients.

Rely on our global network of first-class services, platforms and partners. IEB Swiss AG offers holistic and tailor-made solutions for the success of your projects and companies. We actively accompany you through the implementation process and transform opportunities into measurable success.


What we stand for

About Enterpreneurship

IEB Swiss AG has continued to expand its business areas over the decades to be able to react efficiently to the fluctuations of the international economic markets. To ensure our success and partnerships in the long term, strategically diversified and future-oriented areas were selected.

Our firm places great emphasis on discretion and confidential relationships, which is why we source and take on our clients and partners only through referrals and guarantees from our close circles. The highly personal service and our tailor-made exclusive solutions characterise our effective actions with great passion in business. All partners share these values and shape our network philosophy:   "Commitment + Trust + Success"

Starting as a small family business in Switzerland, IEB Swiss AG has developed into a successful and established company. We use our roots in the national and global market, as well as the experience and excellent performance in our business sectors, to offer our partners and clients the most efficient solutions and products.


IEB Energy

As a global company in the field of energy and infrastructure, we operate in both advisory and execution roles. We offer comprehensive solutions for projects in the different energy sectors, utilizing the most advanced and efficient technology.

From planning to investment procurement to project implementation, IEB covers all areas. For investors IEB Swiss AG provides lucrative investment opportunities in the energy sector, as well as infrastructure projects.

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IEB Real Estate

The real estate market in Switzerland is one of the safest investment opportunities in the world and is closely linked to the country's financial sector. IEB Swiss AG has been active in this segment since its foundation and has built up an extensive network with various major players in the real estate sector. The trust of the contractual partners in our expertise and business skills are very strong and are based on many years of successful cooperation. IEB Swiss AG is and has been active in almost all segments of the real estate industry, from project planning and financing to marketing and sales.

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IEB Legal Assistance

Most Swiss SMEs or large companies are globally active. Operations in Switzerland are protected by the domestic legal system. Internationally the legal systems are very different and complex. With the presence of the global branches and experienced business partners of the IEB Swiss AG, especially in the MENA region, we support companies in Switzerland with our legal and business services to achieve their goals and efficient solutions abroad.


IEB Trade & Insurance

IEB Swiss AG connects Switzerland with the world through its services in the international trade of goods and enables partners better and safer access to global markets. On the one hand, we specialise in the entire processing of global trade, and on the other hand, we offer our business partners worldwide various insurance services for their operations. These include comprehensive insurance in the areas of industry, investments as well as cargo and fleet insurance , land, sea and air.

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